Fresh Produce

Available Year Round


Our Founding Product

We have been providing restaurants and stores with the highest quality mushrooms for 33 years. We carry portabellas, creminis, whites, oysters, shiitake, and other specialty mushrooms. We supply these both in bulk and in cello packaging, making satisfaction our number one priority for restaurant kitchens and storefronts.

Fruits & Vegetables

Only the Best

We supply our customers with the freshest and most high quality produce in the industry. We carry everything from berries to spring mix to potatoes and herbs.


Always Ripe

We have noticed a great desire for the perfect tomato in the food industry. It is our goal to supply our customers with the best tomatoes there possibly are. Sourced from local farms, we are convinced our tomatoes will make a difference in your kitchen or store. We carry vine ripe, roma, grape, cherry, baby heirloom, and heirloom tomatoes.



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