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Fresh Produce

Your Most Reliable Produce Wholesaler in Chester County

After working in the mushroom industry for more than five years, owner Bobby Starkey had decided to combine his mushroom expertise with his passion for beautiful produce which gave rise to Capital Mushroom & Specialties Incorporated. Now, Capital Mushroom and Specialties have won the hearts of many great chefs and store owners from their commitment to quality and reliable produce. Following Christian principles, Capital Mushroom and Specialties have strived to be the best using knowledgeable experience, a passion for quality produce, and long-lasting personal relationships to maintain their successful business model for over the past thirty-three years.

Passion can be demonstrated through the entire business process, including mushroom farm tours and product knowledge for local chefs. As this industry depends on the involvement of each party, our success depends on your success. We wish to offer quality service and produce to chefs and store owners who desire the same level of quality produce. Our quality produce includes Amish herbs, baby vegetables, berries, mushrooms, and red vine ripe tomatoes. Please visit our products page to view more of our offerings.

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